Winter at UNH

It has been a tough winter for Connecticut residents, and UNH students are no exception.  As a commuter with a 60 mile drive to campus, I am especially concerned about travel conditions whenever I see so much as a snowflake. My twelve year old Ford Escort has served me well, but it is certainly not an ideal vehicle in the snow.  With that being said, I have to express my appreciation for the university’s inclement weather policy and response.  I believe UNH’s management team really takes into account the needs and concerns of commuting students.  I have not had to drive in any hazardous weather conditions this winter in a desperate attempt to make it to class.  I feel confident that all cancellation decisions are made promptly with the student’s and faculty’s safety in mind, and that certainly alleviates stress. And as a graduate student, I think we can all appreciate any possible stress reduction.

The one time I was on campus during a winter storm, I observed dozens of employees shoveling and treating slippery surfaces.  We certainly don’t have a salt shortage here; there’s so much of it on the ground I worry it will dissolve the concrete in addition to the ice.  So, kudos to UNH for their response to New England’s treacherous winter weather this year.  They have ensured that my safety and academic achievement have not been compromised.

Now, parking is another matter.  It is especially challenging this season, unless you have an all-wheel drive vehicle that can climb snow banks, like this Jeep:

Snowy jeep





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