Some Final Thoughts

For my final blog entry as a graduate student, I’ve decided that I’m going to highlight all the amazing experiences I’ve had outside the classroom while attending UNH. There have been many, but here are my favorites:

  • Graduate Student Council Events – I cannot oversell this! The $20 Student Activity Fee that is part of the graduate tuition gives you access to so much! The GSC puts on several events per trimester, both professional and social, which cost almost nothing to graduate students! With GSC, I have:
    • Taken a train ride and riverboat cruise through Essex, CT
    • Skied in Vermont for the weekend
    • For the record, not my greatest skill!

      For the record, not my greatest skill!

    • Attended picnics for new and returning students
    • Workshopped my resume and LinkedIn profile
    • Had professional head-shots taken for job applications and LinkedIn
    • Attended the Graduate Student Banquet, a big party thrown for graduating and current students every year, complete with food, drinks, dancing, and a photo booth
    • Graduate Student Banquet Photo Booth
    • Traveled to Springfield, MA for two hockey games, complete with food, t-shirts, and drinks (all totally free!)
    • And most importantly, eaten free dinner at most GSC meetings!

This organization gives graduate students ways to grow social and professional networks, all while enjoying some amazing deals on events that you can’t really experience on your own!

  • TeamREC Employment – I started working at the Beckerman Rec Center in my third month as a grad student and I have loved it ever since. Even though most of the staff is made up of undergraduates, they really became my family here at UNH. I got to meet a lot of people from all kinds of different backgrounds and different majors, which was especially nice since most of the people I saw on a regular basis were people from my own program. The supervisors provide their staff with professional development workshops to prepare them for life situations, both in and out of the workplace, plus the students get to put on a lot of events just for the staff. As a TeamREC staff member, I’ve participated in a 5K, special Zumba and spinning classes, and I even got my CPR certification for a fraction of the cost.
  • TeamREC Staff Photo

Working at the Rec has given me a sense of belonging on this campus more than any other group or organization I’ve been involved in. It’s one of the experiences I’ll remember most now that I’ve graduated.

  • Travel, travel, travel – Since moving to the East Coast, I’ve been able to visit all kinds of places that I’d never seen before. In the first month I lived here, I went to Boston for three days. Over the next two years, I visited New York City, Washington, D.C., upstate New York, Vermont, and Springfield, MA. There are also many great places to see locally. Yale University is ten minutes from campus. New Haven is also home to the original hamburger and pizza places. Being here in this area has allowed me to see and do more than I’ve done in the past ten years!
  • I took this picture from inside the Green Monster!

    I took this picture from inside the Green Monster!

Now that I’ve graduated and will be starting life in the real world again, I feel more grateful for each amazing opportunity and experience that I’ve encountered in the past two years. The people I’ve met, the things I’ve seen and done, and most importantly, the feeling of belonging will stay with me as I close this chapter and begin a new one. My time here at UNH has been some of the best in my adult life, and I have a lot of great memories to take away with me. Congratulations, Class of 2014! I’ll see you on the other side!

These are my classmates from the Advanced Investigation program on graduation day

These are my classmates from the Advanced Investigation program on graduation day



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