Day 12: The long and winding road

San Sal dump reef

The Gerace Research Centre and Graham’s Harbor from the beach by Dump Reef. Good bye San Sal!

Professor’s note:

Sadly, the sun has risen on our last day on San Salvador.  Shortly, we will clamber onto the back of a blue truck for one last ride to the airport, the start of our long journey to points north.  The fine breezes and pleasant temperatures that we were treated to for most of the trip have given way to still air, higher humidity, and warmer days – no-see-um weather.  It’s probably a good time to go, though it is with mixed emotions.  We’re sure the students are eager for air conditioning, their own beds, and (most importantly) cell service.  We all look forward to seeing our loved ones again, and the routines and comforts of home, though it is very hard to look out at that ridiculously blue water and not pine for one last snorkel. Somewhere out there is that rare alga, the unseen coral, an unusual fish… and that shark.  San Sal welcomed us with open arms yet again, and it’s been another great trip.  Our students were terrific in every way, and certainly made us look good (even when we ran them ragged). It has been our great pleasure to expose them to the complexities of tropical marine ecology in this spectacular natural laboratory.



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