On San Salvador!

Day one, a Haiku:


cool blue waters ‘round my brain

octopus ate conch



discussion in the airport – no time like the present to start class!

After two days of traveling, we finally made it to San Salvador! But before we got there, we made use of our time in the airport to discuss how coral reefs and tropical islands form. Once we were settled in at the Gerace Research Centre, we were all itching to get into the water! Luckily it wasn’t far…we walked across the street and started our immersive learning experience 🙂 .

The evening started with everyone pouring through the field guides to start learning the names of all of the organisms we saw during our first snorkel. We were also joined by our own Dr. Larry Davis, who gave a great talk on the geological formation of the Bahamas.

Tomorrow will be our first full day on the island, and we will feature our first student blog – please check back!




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