2016 Day 11: Go BIG or go HOME

Professor’s note: this last blog post was a collaboration among all of the students. Sorry it’s a day late – we’ve been busy getting ready to go.



Through rain and sun shine

Fish, algae, creatures galore

Its been fun San Sal



The Thumb – otherwise known as trash beach

The morning started off with a lovely sunny day and tons of test anxiety. First thing first we had to take our final exam, ewwww….We had high hopes for our favorite snorkel location, pigeon creek. After a quick lunch of delicious grilled cheese and garden vegetable soup, YUM, we quickly departed for our free day in the field. We gathered our gear and got loaded onto old faithful, truck 315. We departed to our first stop of the afternoon, trash beach. No, it isn’t as bad as it sounds. The reason it is called trash beach is because the ocean currents wash any garbage lost at sea on that beach. The professors explained that before the hurricane, there was a lot more trash washed up on the beach. This was the hottest part of the day, so we decided to head to pigeon creek to take a dip to cool off.


rain on the back of the truck – but still happy!

Little did we know, gray skies were accumulating over the island. As soon as we got into the water it began to rain. It didn’t bother us at all because we were enjoying our relaxing swim into the mangrove lined creek. We saw some interesting organisms on our short swim, an invasive lionfish, a herd of cowfish and some cool cyanobacteria. All of our heads popped up above the surface like deer before the gunshot from the sound of booming thunder approaching. We quickly gathered our gear and headed back to the truck just as it began to rain again. About halfway through our drive the heavens opened up and dump trucks of rain barreled down from the sky. We all bundled up as much as we could in our rain jackets and towels but it didn’t matter, everyone was completely soaked from head to toe. After what felt like an eternity we arrived at the field station and cheers erupted from the back of the truck. We retreated to our dorms and took the best shower of the trip.

Tonight we are preparing to hang our shirt up at the local famous bar, Short-Stop, and grab a beer for those of us who can legally drink 😉 We are all packing up and saying our goodbyes to this place that has felt like home for the past 11 days, a sad goodbye.

Stormy skies over the Gerace Research Center

Stormy skies over the Gerace Research Center



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