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2016 Day 11: Go BIG or go HOME

Professor’s note: this last blog post was a collaboration among all of the students. Sorry it’s a day late – we’ve been busy getting ready to go. Haiku:   Through rain and sun shine Fish, algae, creatures galore Its been fun San Sal   The morning started off with a lovely sunny day and tons […]

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students above the abyss

2016 Day 9: The Abyss and Everything In Between

Professor’s note: today’s blog is by Kelli Mosca. The sun is shining Chips and abyss are pure bliss Smooth ride in truck S   We woke up this morning to a blue, almost cloudless sky with the sun shining bright, something that we all missed dearly after the past two days of rain. Our destination […]

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2016 Day 7: data collection!

Professor’s note: today’s post is by Amanda Badai. Yay for sleeping in! First underwater transects Sifting through algae   Our day started with a much appreciated morning off. This consisted of sleeping in until 7:15 which was just in time for breakfast, sleeping after breakfast, or just chilling. We then ate lunch and prepared for […]

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2016 Day 5: Immersion of San Sal, in and out of the Reef

Professor’s note: today’s post is by Nikki Hornlien, complete with haiku. Haiku: Tired and itchy Bohemian Rhapsody Africa No-Go   This morning we woke up to the best kind of weather San Sal could offer: overcast. It was a breezy, cool morning as we headed to breakfast. Pancakes, bacon and cereal were offered today and […]

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fossil reef

Day 3: Adventure is Out There (and So is the Sun…)

Professor’s note: today’s post is brought to you by Michelle Stephens (one day late due to internet connection issues!); the haiku was a group effort. a haiku for day 3: We hate bugs a lot We are not geologists The sun makes us sweat   Today was hot; easy, and simple. The frizz of my […]

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On San Salvador!

Day one, a Haiku: anticipation cool blue waters ‘round my brain octopus ate conch   After two days of traveling, we finally made it to San Salvador! But before we got there, we made use of our time in the airport to discuss how coral reefs and tropical islands form. Once we were settled in […]

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corals and algae at Barker's Point

Day 10: last day of data collection (and a night snorkel!)

Today’s volunteer post is by Gaitlyn Malone: Last night was the moment we had all been dreaming of (or internally freaking out about), the night snorkel. Just as the sun set, we grabbed our gear and dive lights and headed for Dump Reef. After about a 10-minute walk, we made it to the location and […]

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Caribbean Spiney Lobster

Day 8: scraping algae, taking names (literally)

Today’s post is by Kristen Wexler: Today we had another successful day of carrying out our studies and enjoying the beauty that this island has to offer. Shortly after breakfast this morning, we grabbed our equipment and headed out to complete our second day of research. Along the way to our destination, we took some […]

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Enjoying a much deserved treat in the back of the truck

Day 6: swim to the abyss

Today’s blog post is by Stephen Fleitas: Another day, another adventure on beautiful San Salvador. Today, after previous days of hard work observing coral reefs, sea grass meadows, and mangroves, we decided to take it a little slow (Professor’s note: this was their one half-day off!). We started our day with a delicious breakfast and […]

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Day 3: only the superior go to the interior

Sorry this post is a day late – there were some internet connection issues here on the island. Now that we’re back up and running, here is yesterday’s post, by Marisa Bottari: This morning our adventures began with an interior hike of the island. Last night during lab we went over the various types of […]

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