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Hello All!

Sorry I have been MIA lately! I have been so busy lately with the end of the semester sneaking up on us! It is surreal that it is just about over..crazy. I would just like to touch upon a rally that the UNH students put on Monday April 9, 2012. There were thousands of backpacks […]

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Trayvon Martin: UNH gives back.

Many of you may already know the terrible story of Trayvon Martin. For those of you that don’t know heres what happened. Trayvon was walking to a relatives house in a gated community in Florida. Someone said that he looked suspicious because he was wearing a hoodie. The police then get involved and Trayvon was […]

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FOUR MORE DAYS UNTL SPRING BREAK AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!! Most of you are probably like O.O but the reason for me freaking out is because this Saturday I leave for London! Yes, London! I am beyond excited and I cannot believe it is finally happening. It’s surreal to be honest. *deep breath* […]

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Such a hectic day!

All this talk of snow coming it gets the whole campus riled up. The most we will probably get is just some rain. That’s all we get. granted some colleges and schools have closed early. But we will just have to see what happens tomorrow with the University. I hope we get a snow day! […]

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Hump Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day that majority of the college kids look forward to..Wednesday. It shows that the week is half way over. And for most that means there is only one more day left in the week until their weekend begins. Ahh, the life of a college student! I love having Fridays off. It allows […]

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New week!

Hello everyone! I hope all of you enjoyed your weekends! Minus the crazy weather shifts we’ve been having. This past weekend was actually my birthday! I had a great time with friends. But today is the start of a brand new week! Which I’m okay with considering we’re that much closer to spring break! I […]

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Birthday Week

Birthday Week!

So I deemed this week my birthday week! I officially become old this saturday. I will be moving out of my teens and actually have to start facing the real world. I will be 20. I’m super excited about it but it’s going to be weird not being in my 20’s anymore. It has to happen […]

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Sick as a dog!

So I think I have come down with the dreadful cold that has been traveling around campus. Also doesn’t help that most of the people I work with we’re sick ): I don’t have time to be sick! I have so much to do in so little time! It’s insane. I have no energy what […]

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Happy Valentines Day!

Hey guys! Sorry for not blogging yesterday. I was not feeling well and slept majority of the day. I just wasn’t having it. But I’m feeling a little better today in hopes that I’ll get better! I hope everything is going good with everyone and you had a safe weekend! Also, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I’m […]

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Is the week over yet?

So I would really like for this week to be over already because I have so much to do in so little time. Silly me wrote out a to do list of things to do before break. As much as I love lists I should’ve refrained from writing this one. I just realized I have […]

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