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Day 2: My first Icelandic sunset after a delicious banquet dinner.

The places we have seen… – Kimberly Harman

When visiting multiple places each day, its hard to keep track of everything we have done. Here’s a quick photo recap of just a few of the things we have done:

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Kirsten chilling with the Gnome at Geyser

Hanging with my Gnomies – Kimberly Harman

The Gnome is having a blast in Iceland. Check out some of his adventures…

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Jon’s mother invites students in for freshly brewed coffee and home made snacks.

The guest has the keenest eye – Jamie Lynn Slenker

Glöggt er gests augað The guest has the keenest eye. Referenced from thirteenth century Icelandic saga by our gracious host, Jon Kalmansson, on his 1,000 year old family farm.   Jon is a doctoral student of philosophy at the University of Iceland whom we were connected to by the chairman of the philosophy department, Mike […]

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 Samantha trying a raw scallop freshly dredged from the sea in Breiðafjörður, near Stykksisholmur.

Pushing Boundaries – Jamie Lynn Slenker

As we challenge our taste buds, we expand our minds!

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Ned giving professor Bob Rattner’s 400mm telephoto lens a test drive at Búðir, Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

Eyes and Lens Wide Open – Jamie Lynn Slenker

I have seen many new places through my own eyes, but there has been no experience as tremendous as seeing it through theirs.

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Glacier Goodness - Jasmine Penny

Glacier Goodness – Jasmine Penny

The summit. It feels like being at the edge on the top of the world, the entire universe at my disposal. I put my hand into the air, and I’ve just felt my way through a cloud. I take a look around me, and there is nothing up here but the vast expanse of this […]

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Ryanepic sun

Epic Sun – Ryan Galasso

This is the sun from atop the glacier in Snaefellsnes.  The time was about 11 pm.  When we came over the ridge and were able to see the sun it was absolutely breathtaking.  I have never seen anything like this before especially since it was 11pm and the sun was out and still high in […]

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Colors – Emily Claire

We arrived in Iceland with the rising sun.  Its yellow light illuminated a field of jagged rocks stretching to the horizon.  Distant mountains bit harsh black lines into blue skies.  The dome of soft atmosphere and rock made me think we would be concentrating on the stark contrasts of Iceland.  But as we drove to […]

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From The Top Of A Glacier To The Shore Of A Black Sand Beach – Rachel Montgomery

The wonderful exhaustion of yesterday’s excursions to the glacier tried to get the better of me. Eating blueberry yogurt and pancakes was a chore. Lift spoon, shove in mouth, stare into space. Rinse and Repeat. I drowned out the hum of conversations around me, conserving my energy for another long, but fun day. I felt […]

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DSC_00410041May 20, 2012

Black Sand Beaches – Ned Smith

The second day in Arnarstapi we traveled down the road to a black sand beach. The rough and monstrous rocks lining the beach towered over us as we walked along a picturesque path. I’ve never experienced such a strange and beautiful place, but there was something calming about it. The rocks on the beach were […]

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