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CEO Magazine in its Best and Worst States to do Business survey of Chief Executive Officers ranks Connecticut among the worst (45th) places to do business.  In a deeper examination of what ails the 10 worst states – 10 Worst States for Business – the magazine provides the following quotes from two CEO’s (an archetypical […]

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TEX and CT-pdf

This Weekend’s Big Matchup: Texas at Connecticut (in Business, Not Sports)

Looking at the headlines as we approach Father’s Day weekend, I see many exciting matchups. The U.S. Open golf tournament will see Tiger Woods try for his fifteenth major tournament win, a win that has eluded him for the past five years. The Bruins and Blackhawks are battling for hockey supremacy in the Stanley Cup […]

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Early Departure Home

SAE Supermileage: Heading Home

6/8/2013   At 7:43 am the convoy rolls out of the Shell station adjacent to the Marshall, MI Comfort Inn, bound for home. The anticipation of going home almost matches the excitement of arriving. Though the lack of rest over the last few days is evident on their faces, so is their competitive spirit. The […]

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Can We Get It Done?

SAE Supermileage: Race Day – The Conclusion

6/7/2013. Afternoon Amid the sympathetic congratulations of the organizers and the competitors a snap decision was made. Despite there being little more than two hours until final refueling call, this team would not join the four teams withdrawing from the competition due to engine difficulties.  The team had a spare test engine, stripped to its […]

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Pre-Race in the Pit

SAE Supermileage: Race Day

Fri 6/7/2013 Race day. Yesterday’s congeniality has been replaced by the steely look of fierce competitors (Cue ominous music) as the teams roll their vehicles into the pits for final inspection and fueling. The sound of revving engines all but drowns out the announcers and the cheering spectators. The tension is as thick as the […]

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The Paint and the Decals

SAE Supermileage: In Michigan

6/6/2013 After a marathon journey to Marshall, Michigan followed by very little sleep the Supermileage team arose early Thursday morning with enthusiasm undiminished by fatigue.  We arrived at the sprawling Eaton Vehicle Proving Grounds before 9 am. The assembly area was filling up quickly with teams from as far afield as Connecticut, Canada, and California. […]

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SAE Supermileage: Countdown to Michigan

Hello again folks. It’s official: the journey is underway. I am writing to you from the beautiful Upper Delaware River Watershed in Pennsylvania. Approximately 1200 feet above sea level, we are moving steadily through green hills which occasionally open up to reveal stunning views of verdant valleys and distant low mountains shrouded in a light […]

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SAE Supermileage: Countdown to Michigan

6/5/2013 We have arrived in Marshall Michigan. The description of the journey as epic turned out to be an understatement, taking almost 19 hours to complete. It was a good day nonetheless, and marked with great enthusiasm and anticipation by the team members and those of us fortunate enough to accompany them. There are several […]

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Robert F. Kennedy's Faith-Based Approach to Ending Race Discrimination

Robert F. Kennedy’s Faith-Based Approach to Ending Race Discrimination

Today marks the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. The shooting occurred on June 5, 1968; he died the next day. The RFK assassination is one of the most despicable crimes ever committed. The assassin not only killed a man—a man who had a wife and 11 children—but almost killed the […]

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SAE SUPERMILEAGE: Countdown to Michigan

6/4/2013 SAE SUPERMILEAGE: Countdown to Michigan On Wednesday June 5th a team of students, faculty and staff from the University of New Haven Tagliatela College of Engineering will depart for the famed Eaton Vehicle Proving Grounds in Marshall, Michigan. The team, led by 2013 graduates Joseph Olenick and Daniel Bennet and including student members of […]

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