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America: The Lost Children

  Before the conventions, before the big speeches, here is the state of the political parties right now. In comedian Colin Quinn’s 2010 comedy special, Long Story Short, he conceptualizes the world and its history through personification. He does this by giving countries, ancient civilizations and empires their own unique personalities rooted in stereotypes and […]

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University of New Haven student to blog from Republican convention

WEST HAVEN – Simone E. Quartey is a registered Democrat and grew up in a liberal family. The University of New Haven junior, however, will be spending the last two weeks of August in Tampa, Fla., attending the Republican National Convention. A political science major from  Highland Mills, N.Y., Quartey was selected for a UNH […]

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Women’s Basketball team in Italy!

Check out the video diaries of the UNH Women’s Basketball team’s trip to Italy! Entry #1 Entry #2

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A closer look at the Bullpen

For the last 3 years, I’ve had the privilege of watching a very competitive and quality baseball team ran by Raphael Cerrato and Jeff Hourigan and the way they operated in-game was very textbook. Take the bullpen for example, players seemed to have set roles that made it fairly predictable as to who would be coming in late […]

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Hello All!

Sorry I have been MIA lately! I have been so busy lately with the end of the semester sneaking up on us! It is surreal that it is just about over..crazy. I would just like to touch upon a rally that the UNH students put on Monday April 9, 2012. There were thousands of backpacks […]

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Aquilino dominates Southern

While Mike Aquilino wouldn’t admit it after the game, but the emotion he showed on the mound during Tuesday’s win over Southern sure made it looked like it wasn’t just another game. Aq pitched exactly to the reputation he has built in his 5 year career with New Haven, challenging hitters with his fastball, and […]

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Trayvon Martin: UNH gives back.

Many of you may already know the terrible story of Trayvon Martin. For those of you that don’t know heres what happened. Trayvon was walking to a relatives house in a gated community in Florida. Someone said that he looked suspicious because he was wearing a hoodie. The police then get involved and Trayvon was […]

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FOUR MORE DAYS UNTL SPRING BREAK AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!! Most of you are probably like O.O but the reason for me freaking out is because this Saturday I leave for London! Yes, London! I am beyond excited and I cannot believe it is finally happening. It’s surreal to be honest. *deep breath* […]

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busy schedule

Let Me Pencil You In

So as I’ve said before, I apologize for the delay in my blogs but it is very difficult for me to find time during my busy schedule to even take the 5-10minutes to come up with a blog topic and blog about it. So as a sign of appreciation for waiting, I will tell you […]

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New week!

Hello everyone! I hope all of you enjoyed your weekends! Minus the crazy weather shifts we’ve been having. This past weekend was actually my birthday! I had a great time with friends. But today is the start of a brand new week! Which I’m okay with considering we’re that much closer to spring break! I […]

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