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Trayvon Martin: UNH gives back.

Many of you may already know the terrible story of Trayvon Martin. For those of you that don’t know heres what happened. Trayvon was walking to a relatives house in a gated community in Florida. Someone said that he looked suspicious because he was wearing a hoodie. The police then get involved and Trayvon was […]

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It’s a Beautiful Day!

Great day for my “middle of the week” day of classes. I have open door hours today, class with my second favorite professor Pete Massey, and then a staff meeting later tonight but the weather outside is gorgeous, except it’s a bit chilly. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. =)

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long weekend

Time Went By Too Slow

I am sorry for the delayed blogging but there has been too much going on this early in the semester. I had a long weekend this weekend with many ups and downs. I went to the UNH hockey game a little late, only to have the opponents score 2 goals before I sat down (I […]

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Finally… Finals are done…for me

So my second to last semester and I have my final.. final tomorrow at 11am. It’s in my forensic psychology class, which was one of the toughest classes I’ve taken thus far in my college career. I’m a little anxious about it but I spent 4 and a half hours yesterday at Starbucks with my […]

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Everything is BIGGER in Texas

So I went to Texas Roadhouse tonight for my friend, and fellow blogger, Nick Shirley’s birthday with a couple of UNH friends and served by a fellow UNH student. We all had a great time, good company and fantastic food. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening out with friends and even took the bill from the […]

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Bond… Staff

My Bixler Hall staff is going to spend some quality time together for staff bonding, which is encouraging for all ORL staffs to get together and do activities to help keep a relationship strong. Our plan is to go out to lunch together and then go to the movies (for free, since we have free […]

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Giving to Others

The lovely ladies of one of the campus’ sororities, Phi Sigma Sigma are doing a program where there are trying to sponsor a child for a giving tree event. The event is where you get people to raise money to purchase a gift that a kid who’s family doesn’t have the funding to get gifts […]

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Weekend to Remember

So I was unable to go down to North Carolina to root for the Chargers live but thankfully one of the fraternities, Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) hosted an event in the alumni lounge with athletics and student activities to live stream the game on a projector while providing pizza and soda. I loved the idea […]

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Happy December!

Well, it’s here. December! I can hardly believe how fast the weeks go by! I feel like I just got back to campus and I’m leaving in 20 days! I guess the end of the semester kind of sneaks up on you if you’re busy all through it. There are of course finals to worry […]

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Going to a Good Cause

Up Til Dawn is an organization on campus that does a fundraiser for their event in the spring semester and this year they have student artist performing for a concert to try and raise money. My friends Babytown Frolics are playing as well as Sigma Chi’s own Jon Farber who is a great rapper and […]

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