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2016 Day 10: San Sal Stormy Surprise

Professor’s note: All of the students have contributed a post to this blog.  The remaining posts will be on a volunteer basis… our first is by Michelle Stephens and Kelli Mosca. Big ass thunderstorm But it cleaned our equipment And now we study   We awoke again this morning, wishing for a few more minutes […]

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2016 Day 8: Dolphins dancing ‘round

Professor’s note: Today’s post is by Josh Peters. We apologize for the brief interruption in the blog. Yesterday was a full, late day (see why below). We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.  Thanks, too, to those who have commented – the students really enjoy the comments.  Cheers, the management Delayed by truck […]

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2016 Day 6: From Sunrise to Sunset

Professor’s note: Today’s post is by Sean Smith.  Apologies for the tardy posting – internet issues, among other things, got in the way. Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Will this truck ever start? Oh look, a crinoid So our day began before dawn, at least for us kiddies. We woke up at 5:30 am and […]

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San Sal Sunset (Medium)

2016 Day 4: Those Who Hike the Interior Are Superior

Professor’s note: The students have taken over haiku writing as a collaborative project.  The first line is the name of a cave on the island that is extremely challenging to access, even for people of slight stature.  Salicornia is an edible succulent plant found in saline habitats. Today’s blog is courtesy of Christina Metzler.  Midget […]

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patch grunts (Medium)

Day 2: oh… there’s a lot of stuff out there…

Professor’s note: today is our first student blog, written by Orianna Duh (with the exception of the atrocious haiku… that is the fault of the faculty) Our first night here went well, for the most part. Some noisy neighbors kept us up for some time, and the mosquitoes turned a couple of us into walking […]

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San Sal dump reef

Day 12: The long and winding road

Professor’s note: Sadly, the sun has risen on our last day on San Salvador.  Shortly, we will clamber onto the back of a blue truck for one last ride to the airport, the start of our long journey to points north.  The fine breezes and pleasant temperatures that we were treated to for most of […]

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final exam

Day 11: Nerding and vacationing – The chronicles of San Sal come to a close…

The honor of the last student post goes to Jasmine Crowell: Today was one for the books (or more specifically, our lab notebooks that just got graded…yay). We started off the day like every other, going to breakfast and feasting on eggs and a muffin. We then dashed back to our rooms for some extra […]

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Day 9: Another day in marine science paradise

All of the students have contributed a post to this blog.  The remaining posts will be on a volunteer basis… our first is by Adam Armbruster: Today was nothing short of another extraordinary day in this tropical paradise. After breakfast we loaded up good ol’ Truck S and headed out to begin our third day […]

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The Thumb

Day 7: Science!

Today’s post is by Kayla Bouchard: Today was a little different than the other days we have had here. After breakfast we met in the lab to go over the order of operations for our first day of research. We loaded up the back of the truck with our gear including one meter quadrats, transect […]

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Souther Stingray (Dasyatis americana) (edit)

Day 5: The Search Continues…

The internet was not cooperating last night, so another late post, today brought to you by Zach Enck: Ladies and gentlemen, today can only be described as a day of great adventure, a day filled with mystery, danger, and a whole lot of science. After a long day of scienceing yesterday all of us were […]

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