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David Janovosky is a second-year student from Manville, NJ. He can be found in the USGA Senate as well as the UNH Marching Band. One interesting thing about David is that he placed 21st at teh Word Championships of Irish Dance!

Don’t be Thirsty on Thursday

 Hey everyone! With the first official weekend on campus being completed, who had a great Thirsty Thursday?? Hopefully not you. As much as that alcoholic beverage seems like a great idea, it really isn’t. By drinking your night away you risk missing classes, failing a test, and blowing all your money on booze. And after […]

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Melissa is a senior,  Criminal Justice, Investigative Services major with a minor in Psychology. She is from West Haven, CT and is involved in UNH Mock Trail and UNH Rec Sports! One interesting fact about Melissa is that she is 100% lactose intolerant!

“Life is about the journey, not the destination.”

Congratulations! You have survived your first few weeks as freshmen at the University of New Haven! It’s been quite a journey thus far. You have filled out applications, got accepted, moved in (in the pouring rain), moved out (thanks Irene!), moved back in again, met your roommates, found your classes – you may be feeling […]

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