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Day 3: only the superior go to the interior

Sorry this post is a day late – there were some internet connection issues here on the island. Now that we’re back up and running, here is yesterday’s post, by Marisa Bottari: This morning our adventures began with an interior hike of the island. Last night during lab we went over the various types of […]

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a spotted moray eel hiding in the rocks

Day 2: a full day of snorkeling

Today’s post is brought to you by Gaitlyn Malone… After an early breakfast, we met in the lab at 9:00 am to discuss our plan for the day. Not long after we were loading on to the back of a pickup truck to head to our first snorkel site. Our first stop was a place […]

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Day 1 on San Sal

From this point on, the students will take turns writing the daily blog. Today is our first student post, courtesy of Adam Armbruster:   After a long day of traveling we finally landed in Nassau in the late afternoon. Walking out of the airport we were not only caught off guard by the humidity, but […]

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we’ve arrived…almost

We met this morning at 6:30am in front of Maxcy to start our trip. One shuttle drive and two plane rides later, we are in Nassau, the Bahamas. We arrived in time for the students to take their first dip in the ocean (more on that tomorrow) before dinner and a review of the syllabus […]

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Tropical Marine Ecology 2015!

Tropical Marine Ecology 2015!

Hi everyone! We’re gearing up to leave for San Salvador, the Bahamas in two days! We’ll be taking 8 students to study Marine Ecology in this picturesque tropical setting for just under 2 weeks. They will be taking turns blogging about our field adventures, so please check back often! Amy Carlile, John Kelly, and Roman […]

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A balloonfish resting in a vase sponge.

Day 11: San Sal… The Final Frontier

Today’s post is by Sara Urbanski: These are the voyages of seven UNH students. Their twelve day mission: to seek out the interactions between fish and algae and to boldly go where no UNH undergrad has gone before. (Cue Star Trek intro music)…. Today is our last full day on San Salvador. 🙁  This morning […]

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in the water above the abyss

Day 9: The sun will come out today

Today’s post is by Lauren Kircher: When we first arrived on the island, we had some trouble differentiating between the sound of rain and wind through the palm trees. We have since practiced this skill often enough to become very adept at it. This morning the sound we heard was the rustling of the wind […]

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Quadrat on a transect line.

Day 8: A hard rain’s a-gonna fall…

 All of the students have taken a turn with the blog.  The remaining posts will be on a volunteer basis — the first volunteer is Julie Huston: Editor’s note (5/30): new pictures have been added to yesterday’s post (Day 7) This morning started at breakfast, inside the cafeteria, pleading with Dr. Kelly and Dr. Carlile […]

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Day 7: The only easy day was yesterday

Today’s post is by Matthew Halewski: Today started out a little bumpy. After some overnight rain and more storm clouds approaching many of us did not have high hopes for the day. However after a rousing pep talk from Dr. Kelly we grabbed our gear and headed for Fernandez bay in good old truck S. […]

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Day 6: Research Projects, Lighthouse, and Cave Adventures

Today’s post is by Sara Urbanski: This morning I woke up at 5:45 to get some studying time in before the day started. When I sat up in bed there was a really awesome bright red sunrise.    Naturally I took pictures. After breakfast, we met in the lab to go back to Dump Reef to […]

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