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Glacier Goodness - Jasmine Penny

Glacier Goodness – Jasmine Penny

The summit. It feels like being at the edge on the top of the world, the entire universe at my disposal. I put my hand into the air, and I’ve just felt my way through a cloud. I take a look around me, and there is nothing up here but the vast expanse of this […]

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Ryanepic sun

Epic Sun – Ryan Galasso

This is the sun from atop the glacier in Snaefellsnes.  The time was about 11 pm.  When we came over the ridge and were able to see the sun it was absolutely breathtaking.  I have never seen anything like this before especially since it was 11pm and the sun was out and still high in […]

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Colors – Emily Claire

We arrived in Iceland with the rising sun.  Its yellow light illuminated a field of jagged rocks stretching to the horizon.  Distant mountains bit harsh black lines into blue skies.  The dome of soft atmosphere and rock made me think we would be concentrating on the stark contrasts of Iceland.  But as we drove to […]

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From The Top Of A Glacier To The Shore Of A Black Sand Beach – Rachel Montgomery

The wonderful exhaustion of yesterday’s excursions to the glacier tried to get the better of me. Eating blueberry yogurt and pancakes was a chore. Lift spoon, shove in mouth, stare into space. Rinse and Repeat. I drowned out the hum of conversations around me, conserving my energy for another long, but fun day. I felt […]

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Last Day in Arnarstapi – Kirsten Surdej

Yesterday was our last day in Arnarstapi, where we’ve been staying for the past few days. Arnarstapi, a small seaside town on the western coast of Iceland, was a much quieter place than Reykjavik, the capital—here’s a picture of our guest-house’s yard. But for such a quiet place, we’ve done an unbelievable amount! Between the […]

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Unexpected Archway – Jory Garner

Blues crashing together meet at the coast of Iceland. The rippling deep cobalt of the North Atlantic crashes into the grass and moss-padded cliffsides of the this island coastland. The pale blue sky soars overhead wrapped with light cotton clouds. Taking a deep breath, the air comes in crisp and clear with almost no salty […]

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Above The Clouds – Jess Dewick

Day 4, the class took a ride up a gigantic glacier in a snowcat. On the way up the glacier, the view was out of this world. The view off of one side of the glacier was of the ocean. The crystal-clear blue water could be seen perfectly, even from over 4,000 feet up on […]

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Also, The Water Is Delicious. - Charlie O'Donnell

Also, The Water Is Delicious. – Charlie O’Donnell

I stood on top of a basalt pillar today, the top tufted with a medium length grass.  Huge walls of crystal clear water crashed into the rocks around me, lending some insight into how this staggering coast line was formed.  In the sky, hundreds of screaming sea birds spiral up into a sky that never […]

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Curvy Coast Line – Sam Mathewson

We were in Buoahraun seeing the lava fields and behind the lava fields was a beach. Playing in the lava fields was a lot of fun, but I remember seeing a small sandy hill and wanting to know what was on the other side. On top of my curiosity, I love spending time at the […]

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Charlie Cliff

Raging Waters – Joe Adams

Yesterday was my favorite day of the trip so far, we were able to see not one but two waterfalls.  They were both very different but still extremely beautiful in their own sense of the word. When we got to the first waterfall we had a short meeting than split up into ,small groups.  We […]

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