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Evaluation timing

Have you ever been asked at the end of a course to complete a course evaluation?  The evaluation is generally handed out on the last day of class either at the beginning or at the end of it.  Did you take sufficient time to think through the questions of the assessment? I have, but I […]

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matt caporale and students

From the Director’s Desk: How Hiring Works

Recently, a student we’ll call Joe, visited the office to discuss the poor results from his job search. He was sending out resumes and cover letters but wasn’t getting called for interviews. Both documents looked good. He had two internships and several other experiences to showcase. Joe didn’t understand why employers weren’t calling him. To […]

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nosce te ipsum – the key to finding a career that fits

nosce te ipsum. Ummm. Is that English?  Nope. But it is relevant to your career plans. So… what does it mean? (more…)

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