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I took this picture from inside the Green Monster!

Some Final Thoughts

For my final blog entry as a graduate student, I’ve decided that I’m going to highlight all the amazing experiences I’ve had outside the classroom while attending UNH. There have been many, but here are my favorites: Graduate Student Council Events – I cannot oversell this! The $20 Student Activity Fee that is part of […]

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Maxine Swick – Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Hello! My name is Maxine Swick and I am in my third trimester here at UNH. I am currently enrolled in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Master’s program. I am originally from Long Island, New York. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the University at Albany. My transition from undergrad to graduate school was very […]

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How Skydiving Changed My Life

May 2013, I did something that had always been on my bucket list.  I never thought I would have a chance to actually cross it off of my very ambitious list that included things like a road trip across the US, eating sushi in Japan, and swimming with the dolphins.  I have always considered myself […]

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Even with the gray Seattle weather, you can still get some great pictures here at the Kerry Park Viewpoint

Forensics and Pigs and Trolls – Oh My!

Greetings from the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Annual Scientific Meeting in Seattle! (A mouthful, isn’t it?) This meeting is hosted in a different city every year, during which working professionals from the criminal justice and forensic science fields gather together to share research, attend workshops, and present on special topics. I went for the […]

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Snowy jeep

Winter at UNH

It has been a tough winter for Connecticut residents, and UNH students are no exception.  As a commuter with a 60 mile drive to campus, I am especially concerned about travel conditions whenever I see so much as a snowflake. My twelve year old Ford Escort has served me well, but it is certainly not […]

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You Do Deserve To Be Here

It’s the first day of class and everyone is sitting in the seats they most likely will be in for the next several months. Your new professor does the same introduction you’ve heard a thousand times before and now it’s time for the class to introduce themselves. No big deal, it’s just like you did […]

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Seeking a first-hand experience, it’s worth it!

The Masters Program at University of New Haven in Health Care Administration did not require me to do an internship.  An Internship was optional.  Last summer, not wanting to go back home, I said to myself if I can use my time to learn more about my future career, why not?  I did not want […]

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Paying for Graduate School…. Graduate Assistantships!

As we all know, one of the biggest struggles in higher education is paying for it. Just how are we going to make all of our ends meet?! Since UNH cares greatly about their graduate students, there are a plethora of “Graduate Assistantships” available for graduate students to apply to. Graduate Assistantships cover partial tuition […]

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Hello! If you are looking at this blog, then you may be considering continuing your education at one of the graduate schools at the University of New Haven. I can tell you ― from experience ― that the graduate schools at UNH are some of the best in the country. You will not be making […]

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My Eventful First Trimester

A couple of months have gone by since my first post and a lot has happened since my first exciting week at grad school. After midterms, group projects, and my recently assigned take home final exam, a bit of the excitement has worn off, but overall I am feeling positive about my first trimester at […]

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