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Unexpected Archway – Jory Garner

Blues crashing together meet at the coast of Iceland. The rippling deep cobalt of the North Atlantic crashes into the grass and moss-padded cliffsides of the this island coastland. The pale blue sky soars overhead wrapped with light cotton clouds. Taking a deep breath, the air comes in crisp and clear with almost no salty […]

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Above The Clouds – Jess Dewick

Day 4, the class took a ride up a gigantic glacier in a snowcat. On the way up the glacier, the view was out of this world. The view off of one side of the glacier was of the ocean. The crystal-clear blue water could be seen perfectly, even from over 4,000 feet up on […]

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Also, The Water Is Delicious. - Charlie O'Donnell

Also, The Water Is Delicious. – Charlie O’Donnell

I stood on top of a basalt pillar today, the top tufted with a medium length grass.  Huge walls of crystal clear water crashed into the rocks around me, lending some insight into how this staggering coast line was formed.  In the sky, hundreds of screaming sea birds spiral up into a sky that never […]

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Curvy Coast Line – Sam Mathewson

We were in Buoahraun seeing the lava fields and behind the lava fields was a beach. Playing in the lava fields was a lot of fun, but I remember seeing a small sandy hill and wanting to know what was on the other side. On top of my curiosity, I love spending time at the […]

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Charlie Cliff

Raging Waters – Joe Adams

Yesterday was my favorite day of the trip so far, we were able to see not one but two waterfalls.  They were both very different but still extremely beautiful in their own sense of the word. When we got to the first waterfall we had a short meeting than split up into ,small groups.  We […]

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No Internet

Hello all! For the next few days, probably about 3, we will be without internet. We will be back in touch as soon as possible.  

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Icelandic krónur

Day 1 – Kim Harman

The 1.5 hour bus ride from UNH to the airport turned into more like 2.5 hours. We survived, but only just barely. We were reduced to guessing what kind of life people in nearby cars led. Call us crazy, but we were sure the three unmarked white trucks were involved in a government conspiracy with […]

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Getting Ready for Iceland

A group of 14 UNH Undergrads and two faculty (Rober Rattner and Jamie Slenker) are preparing to embark on their journey to Iceland for a two week abroad experience. The group will be pushing an aggressive schedule that will focus on “Landscape Photography of Iceland” and “The Narrative and Photography.” Follow us on blogs.newhaven.edu as […]

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