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You Do Deserve To Be Here

It’s the first day of class and everyone is sitting in the seats they most likely will be in for the next several months. Your new professor does the same introduction you’ve heard a thousand times before and now it’s time for the class to introduce themselves. No big deal, it’s just like you did […]

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New York

Hey Everyone! Last weekend was so great, there is so much to do around campus and my weekend is proof of that. On Friday, I got sushi in west haven with an old friend from freshman year (from our past in good old bixler hall). I never thought that I would be eating great sushi […]

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Spring Weekend 2008

Non-Stop ‘Til May!

Spring semester always seems longer than fall semester even though I am convinced that I have more to do in the spring. Without even taking a look at what I still have to do for projects, papers, homework, tests, and finals, I have basically everyday jam- packed with extracurriculars, work, and having a social life. […]

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