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I Accidentally Did Some Company Research, So Can You!

Right after the Career and Graduate School Expo back in October, I began following one of the companies that attended, Digital Surgeons, on Twitter. At the time, it was because they seemed like a fun bunch based on the titles of their internships (become the “Code Ninja” or “Pixel Pimp”) and the mention of a […]

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Shaunna collecting Cladophora in Manoa Stream

First week of research

This blog post is courtesy of Shaunna… We are halfway through my first week here in Hawaii and it is such a beautiful place to be. I can’t say that it is the typical island scenery that one would think; where everyone lays on the beach drinking piña coladas, but it certainly does have that […]

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Research Day is Approaching!

This summer I participated in SURF or Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. I live at Forest Hills (campus housing) for the summer and did research everyday with a great group of people. Along with all the other SURFers, my research partner Jackie and I will be presenting our research- what we wanted to do, what we […]

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