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The Career Development Center Experience

Before I started studying at UNH, I was a student at the English as a Second Language (ELS) Center at Boston University. When I came to the U.S., I decided to change my career path in the health care industry since I have a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy, but I was lost about what […]

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Hello! If you are looking at this blog, then you may be considering continuing your education at one of the graduate schools at the University of New Haven. I can tell you ― from experience ― that the graduate schools at UNH are some of the best in the country. You will not be making […]

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My Eventful First Trimester

A couple of months have gone by since my first post and a lot has happened since my first exciting week at grad school. After midterms, group projects, and my recently assigned take home final exam, a bit of the excitement has worn off, but overall I am feeling positive about my first trimester at […]

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Graduate classes just began this week and I’m a little nervous. Five years have gone by since I last took any classes and I’m hoping that the transition back into school won’t be too painful! As an Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions here at UNH, I have a slight advantage because I am already familiar […]

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Diversity In the Virtual Classroom: Age is More Than Just a Number

When exploring different college campuses, diversity was one of the main things that attracted me to some, and repelled me from others. Currently I attend the University of New Haven, and I knew I made an excellent choice in becoming part of an institution that facilitates interaction among students of different races, backgrounds, and environments. […]

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Hoop Career Dreams? – Ashley Biddle

Ashley Biddle digs a little deeper into her place of employment and her experience in this week’s entry – how does it feel to be one week into the internship at The Hoop Group? Let’s find out: (more…)

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Shreveport Fires

A Career in Fire Science? – Kevin Goralski

Kevin Goralski is in his second week interning with the NJ State Fire Marshal’s Office, learning and discovering more about the field of arson investigation. What has he been up to? (more…)

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Travel and Sustainability – Is There a Career There? – Jocelyn Bright

This summer, UNH student Jocelyn Bright is combining her passions of travel and culture into one internship – helping others travel and enjoy new cultures in a naturalistic and sustainable way. She traveled herself to Portland OR for this internship and will be sharing her experiences here all summer. (more…)

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Day 2: My first Icelandic sunset after a delicious banquet dinner.

The places we have seen… – Kimberly Harman

When visiting multiple places each day, its hard to keep track of everything we have done. Here’s a quick photo recap of just a few of the things we have done:

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Jon’s mother invites students in for freshly brewed coffee and home made snacks.

The guest has the keenest eye – Jamie Lynn Slenker

Glöggt er gests augað The guest has the keenest eye. Referenced from thirteenth century Icelandic saga by our gracious host, Jon Kalmansson, on his 1,000 year old family farm.   Jon is a doctoral student of philosophy at the University of Iceland whom we were connected to by the chairman of the philosophy department, Mike […]

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