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Snowy jeep

Winter at UNH

It has been a tough winter for Connecticut residents, and UNH students are no exception.  As a commuter with a 60 mile drive to campus, I am especially concerned about travel conditions whenever I see so much as a snowflake. My twelve year old Ford Escort has served me well, but it is certainly not […]

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Such a hectic day!

All this talk of snow coming it gets the whole campus riled up. The most we will probably get is just some rain. That’s all we get. granted some colleges and schools have closed early. But we will just have to see what happens tomorrow with the University. I hope we get a snow day! […]

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WOOOOOOO! So not much really happened here on campus. Except that it was a beautiful day here on campus! Winter has finally arrived and I could not be any more excited. I was sick of the rain and the gloomy-ness. Even though it was suiting because it’s the week before finals. It happens. Nothing really […]

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Winter break is here!

I’m so excited that I’m done for the semester; I finished all my finals yesterday! As much as I like my time at UNH, it feels great to know that I now have a month off from everything. Everything, that is, except for Christmas shopping, which I’ve done none of :O pretty much always put […]

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We’re almost there!

Where did the semester go? Just two weeks ago it seemed as though it would be forever until winter break and now it’s just around the corner. Of course now I realize just how much work I’ve put off to the end. Sure, I know procrastination is usually a bad idea and I’ll regret it […]

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